After first discovering photography while working and traveling abroad, Britney Kidd moved back to the States to study the craft. She graduated from Portfolio Center in February 2015 and currently resides & works as a freelance photographer in Atlanta Georgia. She specializes in shooting fashion and editorial lifestyle, as well as conceptual portraiture. Largely inspired by people she met and experiences she had during her six years of travel (and madly inspired by music) each image captured by Kidd is created to tell a story. She tells each story using a distinct and almost dreamlike style that is rich, moody, illustrative and full of texture.

Meredith received her BFA & Masters of Art from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), and continues to create artistic & commercial photographic images at her Cabbagetown studio in Atlanta, GA. Her artwork constantly questions the medium of photography, and captures the revealing moments of an individual’s physical & mental language.